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The company due to business development needs, is now facing the National Recruitment sales manager and salesman several and sales and service areas across the country, requirements are as follows:
1, according to the company's sales targets to develop the regional sales plan and ensure the completion of the regional sales plan;
2, the team building in the region, the recruitment of talent, market division and sales decomposition, to ensure the completion of the sales plan;
3, the overall implementation of the sales budget, the establishment of sales team incentive mechanism to motivate sales staff to develop and maintain the enthusiasm of customers;
4, to participate in market research, to grasp the market dynamics, familiar with the market situation and have a unique view;
5, manage the daily sales work, supervision and effective implementation of sales activities;
6, the establishment of customer Archives standardization management, customer analysis, customer demand.
7, responsible for customer development and maintenance, product publicity and promotion, sales channel establishment and maintenance, and ordered the company to complete the sales task.
8, honest, moral quality, communication ability, language expression capability is strong, have deep love for agriculture, can bear hardships and stand hard work, can travel frequently, has the team cooperation spirit;
From 9, agronomy, horticulture or plant protection, marketing, e-commerce and other related professional, college degree or above;
10, age 25-35 years old, have some sales experience (peer sales experience is preferred);
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